Why Join AusAPT?

AusAPT is an independent, non-profit organisation focused on furthering the understanding, ethical use and application of Psychological Type.

AusAPT membership opens the door to the field of Psychological Type and a global network of people interested in research and learning about the theory and applications of Type.

This network includes researchers, practitioners, authors and enthusiasts of Type from all around the world. You might be curious to learn more about Psychological Type, whatever your background or experience. Our community provides connection and information via conferences and other local events. These events feature the opportunity to engage with people with extensive experience in Psychological Type.

With a 25-year history of regular national conferences as well as local events, our next AusAPT conference will be held in partnership with the New Zealand type community in Auckland, New Zealand on 6-7 November, 2020. There will also be workshops pre and post-conference. This is a rare opportunity to access a rich breadth and depth of international and national Type experts.

Membership of AusAPT can help you regularly update and refresh your knowledge of Psychological Type through exposure to local and international experts. For those interested, there is also an opportunity to share and publish your knowledge and expertise in recognised forums such as our conferences and via publication online. AusAPT national conferences and local events are opportunities for members to present their own ideas and work and learn with others. As well as our annual conferences, state-based sessions are held from time to time as well, depending on local interest.

Benefits of AusAPT membership include:

  • connection with an engaged, highly skilled, welcoming and experienced community of Type researchers and practitioners.
  • membership discounts for events including free access to some local events.
  • members-only access to all resources on the AusAPT website, including articles of various kinds and webinars.
  • members-only supported access to AusAPT’s Type Research and Practice Collection which provides relevant and useful advice and information on Type research and practice.
  • through a partnership with the Institute for Learning Professionals, ILP will offer AusAPT members a 10% discount on Professional and Fellow Membership; and member rates for their events.

Membership is $99 per annum and commences from 1 July each year.

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