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Vale Margaret Ball

The Victorian Chapter of AusAPT wishes to express our condolences to Ian Ball on the recent passing of his wife Margaret. In our Type Community, we often refer to the term ‘face to the world’ to describe that part of us which others readily see. But what of that deeper, more personal, more treasured side of ourselves? As members of AusAPT, we mostly encounter and enjoy each other’s company without knowing much of the greater part of each other’s lives – life and work history, significant events, family and partners.

We know Ian as a Life Member of AusAPT, conference presenter, frequent contributor to The Australian Type Review and the creator of the Psychological Type Research Unit at Deakin University. But what of the woman he married in 1958 – sharing 62 years together? Ian has shared the copy of the Order of Service from Margaret’s private cremation ceremony – including a beautiful tribute from their son David. The ready impression of Margaret is of a much-loved wife, mother and grandmother – a woman with strong connections to her church community and many years of service to the Guide movement. As well as a creative craft worker, potter and keen gardener.

After a long period of illness, Margaret didn’t want to go to hospital again especially not in an ambulance. And she wanted to make it to her birthday. Ian reported that those three wishes were granted. Margaret died peacefully at home, on her 88th birthday – just as the paramedics arrived.

Ian, the thoughts and prayers of the AusAPT Community are with you.

Andrew Mountford, National Secretary, AusAPT