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The Deep Dive Series Episode 4: How to close the influence gap in our interactions – with Catherine Stothart

interaction styles
interaction styles

AusAPT is excited to share the fourth episode in The Deep Dive Series of videos in advance of the AusAPT 2019 Conference in Melbourne, 22-23 November.

AusAPT National President, Joshua Knight, interviews Catherine Stothart, author of How to Get on With Anyone. The focus is how to close the influence gap and the cues and miscues in how we interact with others.

Catherine is presenting a session at the AusAPT 2019 Conference on Closing the Influence Gap: How Type helps you get on better with yourself and others as well as leading a half-day workshop on ‘Tips and Tools for Using Interaction Styles.

Overview of conference session: How is it that we don’t always achieve the outcomes we want when we interact with others?  There is often a disconnect between our positive intentions and the sometimes less than positive impact we have on others.  We will discuss how the Interaction Styles framework helps us to be more emotionally intelligent and close the influence gap.  

Catherine’s half-day workshop on Tips and Tools for Using Interaction Styles is an in-depth opportunity to experience the process Catherine uses when introducing Interaction Styles to her coaching and team clients.  Interaction Styles is a practical tool for emotional intelligence and its unique value lies in linking outer behaviour with inner drives and stressors.  It helps people understand how their emotions work when they interact with others, and how to adapt their behaviour to connect better.  People get it quickly and can apply the insights immediately.  In this workshop, you will pick up tips, tools and resources to use this lens of type with your clients, both individuals and teams. 

About Catherine Stothart

Catherine Stothart is a Leadership and Team Coach, based in the UK, and has been working with type for 25 years. Her first book, How to Get on with Anyone, published by Pearson in 2018, is a practical guide to building better relationships, based on Interaction Styles. Catherine joined the Board of BAPT in 2017. 

Further Information:

You can find out more about Catherine at and watch a video of Catherine in action talking about How to Get on with Anyone here.