What Type can Teach us as Writers – Terri Connellan

November 13, 2021 @ 10:15 am 11:15 am Australia/Sydney

How can insights from type help us grow in self-awareness and practice as writers so we can best express our work in the world? How do our type preferences influence how we write and what we write? How can we use these insights to help us grow and write more effectively? Using frameworks from type, creativity and writing, we look at writing identity and natural preferences as well as potential writing blocks. You will be guided to reflect on your writing process and its strengths and less preferred areas and strategies that might assist you to write more productively. You will build a map of personal strengths and areas for growth as a tool to increase your writing confidence, productivity, creative awareness and output. With stronger self-understanding as a writer, you will be more self-compassionate and positive rather than self-critical.

Terri Connellan

Terri Connellan
Terri Connellan is a creative transition coach, author, teacher, accredited psychological type practitioner and current AusAPT President. She specialises in creativity, personality and self-leadership, especially for midlife women in transition to a life with deeper purpose. Terri works globally through her creative business, Quiet Writing, and her books Wholehearted: Self-leadership for women in transition and the Wholehearted Companion Workbook were published in September 2021 by the kind press.

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