Type Development and Spirituality of Japanese Culture – Fusae Harada

November 13, 2021 @ 1:30 pm 2:30 pm Australia/Sydney

As an archipelago, Japan has kept its cultural independence for well over a millennium. Incorporating Buddhist influences from China, Japan still maintains a unique spiritual and cultural core that remains present to this day. Using typology, this talk will explore questions such as: Does bushido (the samurai code of honour) reveal any cultural type preferences? What type preferences does modern Japan have? And in what ways are those current dominant preferences rooted in Japan’s culture of 1000 years ago?

Fusae Harada

Fusae Harada
Fusae Harada is an author, life coach, counsellor, and co-founding director of ICET (Inter-Cultural Education Today), an industry-recognised specialised program for Japanese students studying in Australia. Over thirty years she has worked with hundreds of students and parents, establishing a unique education program focused on language learning, as well as cultural understanding and personal development. Her coaching seminars guide families in strengthening their relationships and building happiness, especially with teenagers.

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