Type in Tokyo, 2024: Encounters through the lens of type

April 2 @ 6:00 pm April 4 @ 5:00 pm Japan/Tokyo

A cross-cultural and cross-generational experience

AusAPT and TypeLAB, Japan are excited to be co-hosting an International Type Conference in Tokyo, Japan, 2-4 April, 2024.

TypeLAB is a mother’s community centred around growth and self-awareness headed up by AusAPT Management Committee member and MBTI Master Practitioner, Harumi Gondo

We are honoured to work in partnership with Harumi and TypeLab in Japan for this event and grateful to Harumi for her initiative in creating this innovative opportunity to grow type learning and knowledge together.

When and where:

The conference starts at 6pm Tuesday 2 April, then two full days 3-4 April including dinner on 2 & 3 April, concluding at 5pm on 4 April.

We have timed the conference with Cherry Blossom season so that you can enjoy Tokyo in all its special beauty at this time.

Location: Tokyo, Edogawa area – nearest stations are Kasai, Funabori or Nishikasai Recommended hotels are included below.

To register for the conference, head to: https://lu.ma/8yyd9p82

Conference focus, program and presenter

Conference Focus: Cross-cultural and cross-generational type

  • Experience Tokyo with the local TypeLAB type community
  • Explore type and Tokyo together.
  • Look at type in different cultural contexts 
  • Explore type across generations: Gen Z, Millennials/Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers
  • Experience everyday Japanese activities together through the lens of type
  • Find out the latest in EEG and neuroscience developments.

There will be a mix of presentations alongside experience-based activities exploring Tokyo and type together and connection over meals. Sessions will be in either Japanese or English with translation provided.

You can view the full program in English and Japanese here:

Our keynote presenter is internationally renowned neuroscence and type presenter, Dario Nardi. Dario Nardi, Ph.D. focuses on neuroscience, personality, and body-mind practices and recently published two new books, Decode Your Personality: Go Beyond Myers-Briggs with 64 Brain-Based Subtypes and Teaching Tales for the 16 Personality Types.

Dario Nardi
Dario Nardi

International presenters also joining us are: Harumi Gondo (Japan), Sue Blair (NZ/UK), and Jane Kise and Ann Holm (US).

Here is a snapshot of topics we will cover:

  • Cultural differences around conformity and roles
  • Stages of community development through a type lens 
  • Practical demonstration of EEG and neuroscience applications
  • Judging, perceiving, culture and education
  • Exploring shopping and central Tokyo experiences through a type lens 
  • Exploring Tokyo through local people who know the area.

Why attend?

  • Explore cross-cultural and cross-generational dimensions of type
  • Visit Japan, experience Japanese culture through the lens of type in partnership and with the support of the local TypeLAB community.
  • Connect and learn in person with other international type practitioners and from international type leaders – Dario Nardi, Harumi Gondo, Sue Blair, Jane Kise and Ann Czajka Holm.
  • Connect with the type community in the broader Asia Pacific region, across cultures and generations.

Conference pricing

YEN12000 Price for all participants – or approx $125AU

This approximately 84USD, 66GBP and 76EURO.

This covers:

  • Conference venue and presenters
  • Welcome reception including coffee and snacks
  • Bento (lunch box) for Day 3
  • Local maps and program booklet

All other meals will be paid for by participants directly as part of the conference proceedings and costs are very reasonable.

Register for the conference here:

AusAPT Conference Team

View Organiser Website

In partnership with TypeLAB, Japan : https://type-lab.org/

If you have any questions, please email conference@ausapt.org.au

ホテルリスト】Hotel List

○船堀 Funabori area

会場(タワーホール)のエリアです。ホテルは1軒だけです。Area is around Funabori Tower Hall.

・くれたけイン東京船堀 Kuretake Inn Tokyo Funabori

約7,000円(1泊),駅2分,タワーホール3分(徒歩) around 7000 yen/night, 2 minutes by foot from Funabori Station, 3 minutes by foot from Tower Hall


○西葛西 Nishikasai area

ホテルが多いです。Mostly hotels

・ホテルルミエール Hotel Lumiere

約7,000円(1泊),駅5分,タワーホール9分(TAXI) around 7000 yen/night, 5 minutes by foot from Nishikasai Station, 9 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall


・ホテルマンデー東京西葛西 Hotel Monday

約15,000円,駅2分,タワーホール9分(TAXI) around 15,000 yen/night, 2 minutes from Nishikasai Station, 9 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall


○葛西 Kasai area

空港行きリムジンバスが停まります。Narita and Haneda Airport limousine buses comes to Kasai Station.

・ホテルルミエール葛西 Hotel Lumiere Kasai

約15,000円,駅5分,タワーホール12分(TAXI) around 15,000 yen/night, 5 minutes by foot from Kasai Station, 12 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall


・ホテルイルフィオーレ Hotel Il Fiore Kasai

約20,000円,駅5分,タワーホール12分(TAXI) around 20,000 yen/night, 5 minutes by foot from Kasai Station, 12 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall



Opening Evening 2 April: Funabori Community Hall:


Conference 3-4 April: Funabori Tower Hall