Making Type a Part of Corporate Culture with Sharon Lovoy

April 3, 2022 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am Australia/Sydney

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We know that there are many instruments out there that our clients can select. The big question is, how do we get them to select a Type instrument and make Type a permanent part of their culture? And, how can we get them to book us for return engagements?

Sharon W. Lovoy, SPHR, (ENFP) a former Human Resources Director, who has had a thriving consulting business since 1991, has found ways to encourage her clients to use Type instead of other instruments or, in addition to other instruments. She has discovered many ways to make Type, and her company, part of an organization’s culture including volunteering to extend Type training to the families of those who participate at the company, embedding Type in the organizations’ culture and life.

Sharon believes as Type Practitioners, we all need to be on a mission to make sure that we stay in the conversation and, become an essential part of the conversation. She is happy to share what she has learned and to engage the Type Community in thinking together strategically about how we can gain more ground in the corporate training landscape.

Sharon Lovoy, a woman with shoulder length brown hair smiling, wearing a black top with pink flowers.
Sharon Lovoy

About Sharon Lovoy, SPH

Sharon W. Lovoy, ENFP and owner of Lovoy’s Team Works, Inc., is an executive coach, training facilitator, keynote speaker and intervention specialist in high stakes organizational challenges.  She has had the privilege of working with over 300 clients in the U.S. and Canada.  As a certified Type Trainer since 1989 from Otto Kroeger Associates and later a Master Trainer and Partner with TypeCoach, Sharon has been instrumental in bringing Type into many organizations and making it a part of their corporate culture.

As a certified Master Trainer, Sharon has conducted Crucial Conversations™, Crucial Accountability™, Influencer™, Getting Things Done™, The Power of Habit™ and TypeCoach Influencer™ for organizations including Mercedes Benz USI, Brose, UAB Health Systems, United Way, Southern Company, and Sompo International.  Through executive coaching, consulting for special projects and facilitating dialogue, she has enabled her clients to address problems and issues that challenge growth and progress.

Her latest project is working with General Wesley Clark, Ret. Former Supreme Commander, NATO, to bring together Democrats, Republicans and Independents through an intensive training program with the Civility Leadership Institute to help them recognize the need for mutual purpose and respect in order to protect our democracy in the US. Type training was the first step of this process.

She is the pro bono trainer for Sozo Children International based in Birmingham, AL whose mission is to release Ugandan children from imprisonment in orphanages that thrive on neglect and child labor, by building group homes headed by Ugandan parents, in a healthy community, established by the organization.

A lifelong learner, who derives great pleasure from educational pursuits, she seeks out non-traditional forms of continuing education such as Dialogue training from Dialogos; Mediation training from CDR and Harvard; Authentic Leadership from JFK School of Management, Harvard; Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Coaching, and Master TypeCoach.

In the ATD book, “Building a Successful Consulting Practice,” Sharon contributed a chapter entitled, You are Known by the Company You Keep. She is also completing a book titled, Cure Your Staff Infection: The Leader’s Guide to Dealing with Workplace Drama, Bad Behavior and Knots in the Pit of Your Stomach

She lives with her husband John, in Birmingham. Their daughter Casey, is a leader at Disney World. 

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The Magic Diamond: Coaching Type Development – Dario Nardi

Magic Diamond

November 6, 2020 @ 9:00 am 10:00 am Australia/Sydney

Online Event

How can we really encourage people to attend to type development? Traditionally, opposites are shown along a spectrum, implying people find a balancing point. But Jung observed a “transcendent” function that is a novel “alchemical” synthesis of opposites, leading to a new result. In this workshop, we use a Magic Diamond shape with four facets, such as Thinking, Feeling, undifferentiated, and synthesis. This shape invites people to fill in the synthesis facet. We will go over examples for the types and look at a typical coaching arc that goes from strengths to the shadow to overcoming one-sidedness through new habits.    

Dario Nardi

Dario Nardi

Dario Nardi, PhD is an internationally renowned researcher, speaker, and instructor in neuroscience, personality, and education. He was certified in type in 1994 and has authored many books including ‘Neuroscience of Personality’, ‘8 Keys to Self-Leadership, ‘Jung on Yoga’, ’16 Personality Types: Descriptions for Self-Discovery’ and recently, ‘The Magic Diamond.’  

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Taking Type Exercises from Good to Great

type exercisesJane Kise joins us at the AusAPT National Conference in Melbourne in November 2019 from the US to present on ‘Three Keys to Effective Type Exercises‘: “Making type visible through exercises is a key tool for helping individuals and teams improve ability to communicate, collaborate, and change. However, there’s a world of difference between conducting an exercise and facilitating it successfully to change people’s mindsets. We’ll explore how to choose the “right” exercise, form groups (especially when not all types are present), and debrief. “ Jane provides this article on ‘Taking Type Exercises from Good to Great’  as background for her presentation (more…)