Managing Energy – Dario Nardi

October 7, 2022 @ 5:15 pm 6:15 pm Australia/Sydney

How can we better manage energy? We will address this question several ways. First, our tertiary function is a “neurotic boundary” area that needs care. Second, our favourite perceiving function plays a major role. And third is the “yin” side of our inferior function. Includes handouts.

Dario Nardi

Dario Nardi

Dario Nardi, Ph.D. focuses on neuroscience, personality, and body-mind practices. His books and training materials include Neuroscience of Personality, Jung on Yoga, The Magic Diamond, and many others. He uses EEG for brain-imaging and created the CPA, a highly validated assessment of the 8 Jungian functions. For more info, visit,, and for articles, handouts and ebooks,

This ‘Managing Energy’ session is a keynote session at the Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference, 7-9 October online. It is one of 17 sessions presented over 3 days, all recorded in case you can’t attend live. It is $100AU for AusAPT members and other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for the entire program. We hope you will join us. The conference event link with full details is below.

$100 – $150 $100AU for AusAPT members, other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for 17 sessions

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