Underutilized Oppositions in the Lenses We Use—Sterling Bates

October 8, 2022 @ 10:15 am 11:15 am Australia/Sydney

Underutilized Oppositions in the Lenses We Use: Essential Motivators and Interaction Styles with Sterling Bates

A talk about an underutilized resource in the world of psychological type, the 6 dynamics from Essential Motivators (Temperament) and Interaction Styles. They are powerful both in helping you flex to meet someone else’s needs and to discover points of commonality. For example, every Essential Motivator has both a dynamic that aligns with and two dynamics where they are opposing with the other three Essential Motivators. Like Polarity Thinking, a key to using dynamics is knowing when it is the right time to flex, and when it is the right time to rely on your naturally preferred dynamic.

In this session, I will familiarize attendees with the dynamics; those unfamiliar will get a great grounding in the dynamics; and provide tips and tricks attendees can use themselves as well as activities to use in their personal life and with clients. This will include uses in whole type best-fit, communication, work problems, delegation, Situational Leadership®, and relationship issues.

Sterling Bates

Sterling Bates

Sterling’s combination of technology, mathematics, business, marketing, OD and psychological type led him to found Step Research, a psychology software company. Previously at Disney for 13 years in IT and Marketing; and on the APTi board for 4 years.

This is a session at the Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference, 7-9 October online. It is one of 17 sessions presented over 3 days, all recorded in case you can’t attend live. It is $100AU for AusAPT members and other APT and ILP financial members. $150 for guests for the entire program. We hope you will join us. The conference event link with full details is below.

Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference

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$100 – $150 $100AU for AusAPT members, other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for 17 sessions

Online Event

AusAPT Time & Tide Conference

Talking Type Together with your Vital Relationships – Sterling Bates

November 14, 2021 @ 11:45 am 12:45 pm Australia/Sydney

Scientific studies continue to show that the biggest impact on life satisfaction and happiness is our vital relationships and core social bonds. Medical studies show relationship strength as a major factor in long term health outcomes. Learn what some of this research has to say about the crucial importance of relationships. We will cover multiple models, both psychological type models and other relationship-related tools from outside the psychological type space. We will highlight which models offer insights for relationships and also cover which models and strategies don’t work well for building strong relationships. Attendees will get key tools and tips on how to use the different models to help their own relationships and further, help those they care about, or their clients in their relationships too.

Sterling Bates

Sterling Bates

Sterling has worked with personality and social psychology both personally and professionally for more than fifteen years. Originally a mathematics and IT professional, he founded and now runs Step Research, a research and development benefit corporation that takes the best from psychology and uses software technology to empower people and their relationships. He is a proud member of the International Association of Psychological Type and served on the Board of Directors for 4 years.

This session is part of the AusAPT Online 2021 Conference. It’s just $100AU for AusAPT members, ILP members and APT reciprocal members and $150AU for guests for all 21 sessions.

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Online Event

$100 – $150 $100 for AusAPT members, ILP & APT members, $150 for guests.


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