AusAPT 2022 Conference: Time & Tide

October 7 @ 5:00 pm October 9 @ 3:00 pm Australia/Sydney

AusAPT’s 30th anniversary conference, Time & Tide: Traditions and Trends in Type, will now be held ONLINE.

We had originally intended to hold an in person conference but, for various reasons, have now pivoted to online. This opens up the opportunity for more people to attend and to present. And we’ve extended the due date for our speaker proposals to 22 May.

It’s an important anniversary, celebrating 30 years since our first conference in 1992. And we invite you to save the date to join us and to submit to speak at the conference now.

It will be a TIME of community, reconnecting and reflecting on traditions and historical perspectives on personality; personal growth and development over time; and life stages.

But the TIDE is always constantly changing as is the world of type. We’re inviting exploration of trends in type, oppositions and cycles, the incoming and outgoing themes and perspectives, new horizons and applications of type, engaging with type in a digital world.

AusAPT First National Conference Program

Speaker Proposals are open, closing 22 May

Submit to speak at the AusAPT 2022 Time and Tide 30th anniversary conference.

Head to the Speaker Proposals page for more details and the online form to submit, closing Sunday 22 May, 11pm AEST. (Yes, we’ve extended by one month!)

We look forward to connecting with you and celebrating traditions and trends in type in October!

More information soon! SAVE the DATE and we look forward to seeing you on the Sunshine Coast in October this year.

Any questions, email us at the conference email below.


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Online Event

Doing the Parenting Dance with Elizabeth Murphy, Mollie Allen & Erin Smith

September 18 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am Australia/Sydney

When parents first learn they are going to have a baby images of the child begin to form. Visions of playing and learning together are almost always positive. When the child arrives these hopes and dreams begin to be realized. Then the child walks and talks and has a mind of his own. Now the real job of parenting begins as the parents adjust their preconceived images to match the child and the child learns to manage his energies to develop into all he can be. This is the parenting dance everyone does, but the rhythms and tones are different for each parent/child combination.

This workshop explores common developmental challenges all children face and how type can play a part in the experience for the parent/child combination. After looking at the issue (such as the quest for independence at adolescence) educators will give examples of how this was expressed in the classroom and offer hints for working with the different types. Come enjoy a glimpse into the parenting dance with type differences for a few selected developmental milestones.

As part of our Type & Life Series, this event is online via Zoom, free and open to all.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Sep 18, 2022 10:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

About the presenters

Elizabeth Murphy

Elizabeth Murphy (INFP) is a psychologist who has worked with type concepts since the early 1980s. Her research focuses on verifying with video support the development of normal personality differences according to the theory of psychological type. She works extensively with families and teams of people to improve communication and resolve relationship needs. Elizabeth’s experience includes conducting training throughout the United States as well as Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, and Malaysia. She is an internationally recognized authority in type concepts. She is the co-author of the MMTIC and firmly believes in helping children discover their natural preferences.

She has taught children from preschool through the university level and worked as a licensed school psychologist. She is also the author of The Developing Child. Her dissertation won the Isabel Briggs Myers research award and she received the Gordon Lawrence award for contributions to Type In education. Carlow College honored her with their Alumnae Award.
Currently, she works as an independent consultant to schools, organizations, and families.
Elizabeth completed a three-year course in dream interpretation through the Assisi Institute, a two-year course in depth psychology with the Jung Institute in Chicago, and completed Levels I and II with Dream Tending training. She recently had an article published in the Journal of
Analytical Psychology titled “Type Development in Childhood and Beyond.”

Elizabeth Murphy

Mollie Allen

Mollie Allen, M.Ed is a consultant and certified professional life coach who taught students with reading and language disabilities in her independent practice. Her work with personality type includes teachers, mothers, adults seeking career options and teenagers exploring what comes after high school. The training manual Discovering Type with Teens is based on her field work with high school seniors. She is the mother of four adult children.

Mollie Allen

Erin Smith

16 years of teaching high school chemistry. MMTIC and MBTI certified.

Erin Smith
Free All welcome


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Online Event

PhoPhoto by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

Personality, Type and other labels—What do they mean; what do they stand for? A Discussion with Peter Geyer

July 14 @ 7:00 pm 9:30 pm AEST

The language of personality, however presented, can be a minefield of meaning and use, essentially because there are no agreed definitions, interpretations, or perspectives, even in the niche field of psychological type. C.G. Jung chose general language for his constructs, a decision he later reflected on somewhat ruefully; what he meant in particular instances seems to have fallen by the wayside.

So, what is Personality? What is a Type, or a Function? How does Type relate to behaviour, interest or skill. Is Type neoliberal, whether we like it or not? Can there a Type response to pandemics, or conspiracy theories? These questions, and any others that turn up are the focus of a presentation by Peter Geyer, in a casual informal setting.

Peter Geyer
Peter Geyer

Peter Geyer has researched, taught and written about psychological type and related ideas for over 30 years. A former MBTI® and Majors Accrediter, he is the Custodian of AusAPT’s Type Research and Practice Collection.

Join us from 6:30pm for 7pm at Epicentre, the home of Meredith Fuller & Brian Walsh

RSVP by 1st July to Meredith Fuller by email

Free Bring a plate or bottle to share


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The Epicentre, Caulfield

427 Glen Eira Rd
CAULFIELD NORTH, Victoria 3161 Australia
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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Dating with Type – with Jessica Alderson of So Sync’d

Heart on window drawn by a finger with coloured lights behind

July 6 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Join Australian Association for Psychological Type practitioners and So Sync’d dating and matching app founder, Jessica Alderson in a conversation about personality type and dating.

Jessica Alderson is the CEO & Co-Founder of So Syncd, a dating app that matches compatible personality types. After five years of working at an investment bank and a breakup with her partner, she took the time to travel and learn about personality compatibility in order to understand why the relationship didn’t work out. It was this path that led Jessica to create So Syncd with her sister, Louella. The pair are on a mission to make dating more fun, meaningful and successful.

Jessica Alderson

Register in advance for this session:

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Free Open to all


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Online Event

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

Developing Effective Communication Skills Using Type in Your Career with Sue Daniels

May 1 @ 2:00 pm 3:30 pm AEST

Sue Daniels is a highly-experienced Career & Executive Coach with a background in international investment management. As part of her practice she designs and delivers innovative career development programs and workshops that bring theory to life and to give participants a range of practical tips & techniques that can be readily applied to any aspect of work life.

With a keen interest in personal effectiveness in today’s work life, Sue regularly uses type tools in her coaching practice and her accreditations include: The Birkman Method®: MBTI® Step II and Majors PT Elements. She has also presented at industry association conferences, career expos on a range of career topics and she is a member of the Career Development Association.

In this online workshop, Sue will explore the challenges of creating effective communication in today’s world of work and explore how you can apply type theory to be a more effective communicator. There will be a chance to practise these skills in the workshop and handouts to take away.

Sue Daniels

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Free All welcome


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Online Event

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

BAPT 2022 Conference—The New Normal: People, Type and the Post-Pandemic World

April 7 @ 1:30 pm April 9 @ 9:30 pm UK/London

The theme of the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT) 2022 conference is type and relationships – and how these are changing since the pandemic.  Highlights include:

  • Opportunity to network with a truly global community
  • Thought-provoking and insightful presentations
  • Fascinating discussions and sharing with type practitioners

There are 27 parallel sessions covering a wide range of topics from the more theoretical to the very practical, plus five keynote addresses:

  • James Johnston, author of Jung’s Indispensable Compass and presenting for the first time at BAPT, on The Pandemic: Enabling the Introverted Orientations
  • Rich Thompson and John Hackston, of the Myers-Briggs Company, will discuss Personality Type and Reactions to a Pandemic
  • Linda Berens, recognized internationally for her leading-edge contributions to the field of type, will present From the Stress Zone to Transformation
  • Susan Nash, author of type-related books and creator of practical workshops for applying type knowledge will discuss Type Talking in the Virtual World
  • David Hodgson, who works with type with teenagers, teachers and parents, will look to the future in Post-traumatic Growth: Pointing in a Positive Direction

See the Full Programme

Access to videos for all sessions will be available to you during and after the event (whether or not you can attend live).

AusAPT financial members can access the conference at the same rate as BAPT members under our reciprocal APT benefits program. So it’s just 125 GBP for AusAPT members.

Register here.

$125 – $150 Members £125, non members £150, for 3 days of great content.


Climate Change and Environmental Concerns: What Can I Do as an Individual and What Difference Could It Make?

March 20 @ 2:30 pm 4:30 pm AEDT

We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it. 
Are people’s responses and activities to the issue of climate change and environmental concerns related to Type? Are there Sensing and Intuitive differences?
You are invited to a discussion following short talks by 3 engaging guests.

Professor Matthew Cuthbertson, Chair, Victorian Clean Tech fund (boutique venture capital fund)  Working in innovation at several universities, Matt is involved in many scientific committees and brings big picture observations. 

Graeme Joyce, Managing Director Soilcharge,  the value of biological soil for our environment Australian soils are generally fragile, depleted and mineral poor.  Long term use of chemical solutions is simply not working.Chemicals such as superphosphate tend to decrease the pH in soil that naturally tends to be acidic, and as soil becomes more acidic minerals are locked up, biology becomes dormant or dies, and farm or garden yield decrease.What we need to do is work with the soil by adding the conditions that will allow the soil to remain in a pH band that allows for plant growth, with the minerals and elements that will support microbial and bacteria life.Once we do this it is easy to maintain a positive and profitable growing environment.

Ian MacCallum, a concerned Australian citizen with an IT background (originally from Canada) who has previously been involved in climate activism, aware of basic things we all can do to empower ourselves but also recognises the incredible difficulty in making a lasting difference. “I recognise that doing nothing is tantamount to admitting defeat. I think it’s better to be doing something rather than wringing our hands in despair. It’s important that people feel empowered in some way. I refer to the old adage, ‘Every Vote Counts!’  “

A portion of the speakers’ comments will be filmed for a short YouTube

Please bring a PLATE or BOTTLE to share over afternoon tea
RSVP to Meredith Fuller as soon as possible via email (to help with Covid safety protocols)
Free Free for members and guests


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The Epicentre, Caulfield

427 Glen Eira Rd
CAULFIELD NORTH, Victoria 3161 Australia
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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Feature photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

Practical Applications of Jung’s Theory and the Eight Mental Processes in a World of Remote Work

March 6 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Presented by Cynthia S. Paris, President, The People Skills Group

Join us for a free two hour workshop with Cindy Paris in the first of our Sunday Series events in 2022.

As practitioners, we are learning more and more that the gold, the real power, of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, comes from the theory behind the instrument, Psychological Types. However, as practitioners, we are often challenged to teach and practically apply Jung’s Eight Functions (Mental Processes, Cognitive Processes) with teams and leaders when participants are used to thinking in terms of the 4-letters of Type and MBTI Preferences. This is especially true in a world where many teams are working remotely and there is a lot to achieve in a short time frame.

In this program, participants will learn how to introduce Jung’s theoretical framework and the mental processes through quick and easy techniques and exercises using our road tested and vetted tools for integrating the 8 Jungian Functions into applications. We will introduce how to adapt and facilitate these exercises (some of which are well-known and quite often used, like the Z-Problem solving model) with remote teams using Zoom breakout rooms and third-party applications.

Participants will walk away with handouts and fresh ideas for facilitating Psychological Types for effective teamwork and leadership development in our new, and often remote, world of work.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Join us from 9:45am AEDT/Sydney/Melbourne to network and settle in. Check your local time and note that whilst this is a Sunday series, it will be Saturday, the day before, for US and Canada. The session will be recorded and the link to watch the replay sent to those who register.

About Cindy Paris

Cindy Paris is a Master Facilitator, Consultant, and Coach, nationally recognized as a thought leader in the world of the Myers-Briggs Assessment and Psychological Type. As an MBTI® Master Practitioner and former MBTI Certification trainer for the publisher of the instrument, she is an expert in the application of Psychological Type to enhance individual, team and leadership development and performance. Cindy is also credentialed in a myriad of team and leadership assessments and models including the leading Emotional Intelligence Testing tool, the EQ-I 2.0, and the cutting-edge models of Conversational Intelligence and the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety which are based in social neuroscience.

Cindy founded her company, The People Skills Group, with the sole purpose of helping people develop the people skills to work better together – to build cultures of team trust – where people are valued and allowed to contribute the talents they bring to the table. Cindy has been facilitating and coaching teams and leaders to meet their goals since 2001.Cindy learned from the best; she studied under the late Katharine D. Myers, former Director Emeritus of the Myers-Briggs® Foundation and co-owner of the MBTI® Assessment. For years, Cindy worked with Katharine by writing and editing her personal website and co-authoring numerous articles for the APTi Bulletin of Psychological Type. She has developed a distinctive approach to Type which calls on her proprietary suite of products based on the Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards suite of products.

Free Free for AusAPT members, APT members & guests.


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Online Event

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Feature Photo by Kristin Wilson on Unsplash

APTi 2022 (US) Winter Conference

February 25 @ 11:45 am February 26 @ 7:45 pm US/Eastern

APTi proudly presents their first virtual conference, including four keynote speakers and 12 concurrent sessions on three themes:

  • Type and Brain Science
  • Jungian Perspectives
  • Type for a New Generation

Featured keynotes include:

  • John Beebe
  • Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge
  • Dario Nardi
  • Linda Berens

Full event schedule here:

NOTE: If you are an AusAPT financial member, you can access the APTi Conference at a special APT reciprocal member rate of $150USD. Head to this page for the special link for AusAPT members (this is an AusAPT Members Only link!)

Register here if not an AusAPT member.

Note that registration closes 11pm Eastern time, 22 Feb so 3pm AEDT Sydney/Melbourne time on 23 Feb.

$150 – $235 Cost is $150 for APTi members and other APT members and $235 for non-members (includes one-year membership to APTi)

Online Event

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Party like it’s 1991: Celebrating 30 Years of AusAPT – Phil Kerr

The Australian Association for Psychological Type was formed in 1991 at Australia’s first type conference, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Australian Perspectives. This year we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of those two milestones. Australians studying theology and spirituality in California in the late 1970s encountered the MBTI and were enthused. On their return they ran seminars and workshops that popularised type in religious communities and schools. During the 1980s, use of the MBTI spread to organisations in the private and public sectors. In response to the growing interest, Mary McGuiness established the Institute for Type Development (ITD) in Sydney. In 1986 she (more…)