Mindset Shift – Evolving Our Conversations About Individuation – Katherine W Hirsh

November 12, 2021 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm Australia/Sydney

Type has great potential as a self-awareness tool, yet this frequently remains untapped because its users struggle to answer the “So What?” and “Now what?” questions, missing the chance to relate type theory to people’s lives. Part of what’s needed may be a deeper understanding of type, however we also frequently underestimate the barriers to increasing self-awareness and enacting behavior change.

I will describe three mindsets that can derail our efforts. Mindset one involves believing people need to know why they should do something, rather than showing them the negative outcome if they fail to make a change. Mindset two entails believing external motivations for growth and change, couched in terms of control and compliance, are more effective than internal motivations expressed in terms of mastery and engagement. Mindset number three hinges on the belief in a zero-sum world where individuation is an outcome to be reached, rather than an ongoing journey to be navigated.

Katherine W Hirsh

Katherine W Hirsh

Dr Katherine W Hirsh is co-founder of Hirshworks, a source of information and inspiration for all things type-related; and a principal in Step Research. As a thought leader, Katherine is devoted to working with clients worldwide to improve performance, increase engagement and foster development. Type has entranced her for over thirty years. Katherine lives in Germany and works globally, consulting with clients to build leadership, teamwork and decision-making skills, promote a growth mindset and increase personal and professional satisfaction.

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