Goldilocks and the 8 Cognitive Processes – Sue Blair

November 12 @ 5:15 pm 6:15 pm Australia/Sydney

Assumption: The perfect human being has not yet been created. Even Mary Poppins said she was only “practically perfect” (in every way!!!) So, how, why and where do we go wrong and what can we do about it? The truth is that we all use all of these functions, but we tend not to use each of them equally well. There is a time and energy component to their use and, for some, use of a function is habitual and for others it is momentary. In this session we put the Goldilocks Theory to the test. We will take a look at each of the cognitive processes, define them and then suggest ways in which we can use each of them ‘too much’, ‘too little’ and (on a good day) ‘just right’. There is no better place than a Type conference to gather our combined wisdom and learn from each other about what it is really like to be us. A place where we honour diversity and practice inclusivity. We will learn, laugh and leave enlightened.

Sue Blair

Sue Blair 
Sue has been working with psychological type for 20 years. She is an international presenter and keynote speaker, as well as a qualified MBTI practitioner and adult educator. She is the author of The Personality Puzzle coaching cards, now used worldwide by coaches and counsellors. She has taught thousands of teachers, parents, students and businesses about the importance of self-awareness and communication. Sue is the recipient of the APTi 2015 Gordon Lawrence Award. This award recognises an outstanding achievement to the field of education

This session is part of the AusAPT Online 2021 Talking Type Together Conference. It’s just $100AU for AusAPT members and BAPT, APTi, AFTP and other APT members and $150AU for guests for all 21 sessions.

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