Temperament: Tradition or Trend? – Catherine Stothart

October 7, 2022 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm Australia/Sydney

Temperament: Tradition or Trend? Bringing Temperament up to date for 21st Century Leaders

Thirty years ago, few people talked of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, positive psychology, or mental well-being. Now there is widespread interest in popular psychology, and people are much more aware of their psychological needs.

Thirty years ago, leaders in organisations could operate in a command and control way. Now millennials want their leaders to be empathic. The role of the leader-manager is now less an overseer of task completion and more an enabler of self-motivation.

In this context, temperament – which explains why we do what we do – is the perfect tool to enable leaders to lead their team to fulfil their purpose and potential. Catherine’s approach to temperament links our core psychological needs to the essential leadership capabilities of engaging, developing, delegating and connecting. In this session she will share a practical toolkit to enable leaders to motivate their teams, improve their well-being and feel motivated themselves.

Catherine Stothart

Catherine Stothart

Catherine Stothart is a Leadership Coach with 30 years’ experience in top multi-national companies – currently Airbus and Google. She uses personality type in her work and brings the best thinking about communication and motivation to a wider audience in a way that makes it usable and actionable. Her 2018 book, published by Pearson, How to Get On with Anyone, is based on Interaction Styles. Her second book, Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading your Team, published by Routledge, comes out in 2022 and is based on temperament.

This is a session at the Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference, 7-9 October online. It is one of 17 sessions presented over 3 days, all recorded in case you can’t attend live. It is $100AU for AusAPT members and other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for the entire program. We hope you will join us. The conference event link with full details is below.

Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference

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$100 – $150 $100AU for AusAPT members, other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for 17 sessions


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