Mapping the Shadow: A Type-Based Approach to Shadow Work – Max Chegwyn

October 24, 2023 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Discover how to integrate the shadow using Type and the Seven Habits of Individuation model. In this presentation we will explore the common ways in which Type maps to Persona-Shadow dynamics and the different practices each Type can use for integration and psychospiritual growth.

Jungian Shadow Work is increasingly being used as a coaching tool. More people are recognising the benefits of integrating deeper aspects of themselves to bring balance to their lives, careers, and relationships. However, the shadow is not something that can be easily captured in a concept or identified independently.

In this presentation, we will discuss how Type can be used as a foundation for mapping and integrating the shadow. We will examine the most common ways Type correlates with Persona-Shadow dynamics and how this serves as a valuable tool for identifying shadow material. Finally, we will explore how different classifications of shadow material can be integrated using the Seven Habits of Individuation model.

About Max Chegwyn

Max Chegwyn is a psychospiritual educator and coach dedicated to helping freedom-minded individuals develop self-knowledge. As the curator of the Seven Habits of Individuation model, Max focuses on fostering individuation and psychospiritual growth. You can find his regular content and learn more about his work at

Picture of Max Chegwyn, curator of the Seven Habits of Individuation model, a man with a forest green jumper smiling directly at the camera.

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Work-Life Balance, Stress and the Process of Individuation—Mary McGuiness

October 8, 2022 @ 11:45 am 12:45 pm Australia/Sydney

The individuation process is a term used by Carl Gustav Jung to describe the process of becoming inwardly whole, discovering one’s true self, beyond the mask of the persona and ego-centered life. Individuation generally has a profound healing effect on the person. It is a process that allows us to be our most creative and to fulfil the soul’s deepest desire.

Our busy lives sometimes hinder our growth towards wholeness as the stress reduces our cognitive functioning and emotional intelligence. Work-Life Balance is essential in reducing stress and allowing the process of growth and individuation to occur. We will explore how research has suggested some ‘best practices’ that can help us to prevent stress and improve resilience so that we can function at our best. We will look at these practices and some suggestions Jung gave us on how to facilitate our own growth and individuation.

Mary McGuiness
Mary McGuiness

Mary McGuiness

Mary McGuiness ENFP has 30 years experience teaching personality theory and training professionals to use the MBTI instrument and MajorsPTI. Mary offers certification in the MajorsPTI and Step II and applications of type theory. She is Director of the Institute for Type Development, a national training organisation established in 1986. Mary served on the National Committee of AusAPT for 10 years, with two years as National President. She is author of several books and resources including the best-seller You’ve Got Personality.

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Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference

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Mindset Shift – Evolving Our Conversations About Individuation – Katherine W Hirsh

November 12, 2021 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm Australia/Sydney

Type has great potential as a self-awareness tool, yet this frequently remains untapped because its users struggle to answer the “So What?” and “Now what?” questions, missing the chance to relate type theory to people’s lives. Part of what’s needed may be a deeper understanding of type, however we also frequently underestimate the barriers to increasing self-awareness and enacting behavior change.

I will describe three mindsets that can derail our efforts. Mindset one involves believing people need to know why they should do something, rather than showing them the negative outcome if they fail to make a change. Mindset two entails believing external motivations for growth and change, couched in terms of control and compliance, are more effective than internal motivations expressed in terms of mastery and engagement. Mindset number three hinges on the belief in a zero-sum world where individuation is an outcome to be reached, rather than an ongoing journey to be navigated.

Katherine W Hirsh

Katherine W Hirsh

Dr Katherine W Hirsh is co-founder of Hirshworks, a source of information and inspiration for all things type-related; and a principal in Step Research. As a thought leader, Katherine is devoted to working with clients worldwide to improve performance, increase engagement and foster development. Type has entranced her for over thirty years. Katherine lives in Germany and works globally, consulting with clients to build leadership, teamwork and decision-making skills, promote a growth mindset and increase personal and professional satisfaction.

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