Dancing with Your Inner Wolves Workshop with Brian Lawrence

November 3, 2021 @ 11:00 am 1:30 pm Australia/Sydney

Your personality is the story of the primal forces of energy that enable you to decide on the path that your life takes. Meet the 8 wolves that make up your personality matrix and learn the intricate dance that sets you on your true trail in life.

About the workshop

This is a free live workshop for the first 18 people who book their place for the AusAPT 2021 Online ‘Talking Type Together’ Conference.

Eight cognitive functions (Wolves) make up our personality framework. Whether or not we are aware of their presence and influence, each of these eight ‘wolves’ shape who we are and how we navigate the trail of life. In this workshop you will learn easy to action exercises to enable you to meet and dance with all of your Wolves, including the less familiar ones!

Using focus cards, you will build your confidence and skill in the Wolves you choose to develop, taking you on the trail to becoming a True Human Being.

Brian Lawrence

Your facilitator

Brian Lawrence is the Director of Life Trails Consulting and an accomplished global facilitator and coach. He is an MBTI Master Practitioner and EQi Master Trainer and has accredited over a thousand practitioners in 7 countries over 11 years. He has designed and led numerous programmes in team development, emotional intelligence and leadership across the globe. Brian’s clients include The Warehouse Group, The West Auckland trusts, OXFAM, The Well Connected Alliance, Roche, ASB Bank, Shell, Rio Tinto and BP. He has been a leadership coach and facilitator for 18 years.

Brian Lawrence is kindly offering this workshop free as part of the 2021 AusAPT Online Conference.

Many thanks Brian! Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity.

Free Free live workshop for first 18 people who book their place for the AusAPT 2021 Online Conference.

People who book their place prior to 11 October and who are not in the first 18 or are unable to attend will receive a FREE replay of the facilitator-led parts of the presentation.

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