Mapping the Shadow: A Type-Based Approach to Shadow Work – Max Chegwyn

October 24 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Discover how to integrate the shadow using Type and the Seven Habits of Individuation model. In this presentation we will explore the common ways in which Type maps to Persona-Shadow dynamics and the different practices each Type can use for integration and psychospiritual growth.

Jungian Shadow Work is increasingly being used as a coaching tool. More people are recognising the benefits of integrating deeper aspects of themselves to bring balance to their lives, careers, and relationships. However, the shadow is not something that can be easily captured in a concept or identified independently.

In this presentation, we will discuss how Type can be used as a foundation for mapping and integrating the shadow. We will examine the most common ways Type correlates with Persona-Shadow dynamics and how this serves as a valuable tool for identifying shadow material. Finally, we will explore how different classifications of shadow material can be integrated using the Seven Habits of Individuation model.

About Max Chegwyn

Max Chegwyn is a psychospiritual educator and coach dedicated to helping freedom-minded individuals develop self-knowledge. As the curator of the Seven Habits of Individuation model, Max focuses on fostering individuation and psychospiritual growth. You can find his regular content and learn more about his work at

Picture of Max Chegwyn, curator of the Seven Habits of Individuation model, a man with a forest green jumper smiling directly at the camera.

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Online Event

Personality and Parenting: Meeting the needs of parent and child – how is this possible? A course with Sue Blair

November 4 @ 12:00 pm November 25 @ 1:30 pm Australia/Sydney

An online Type and Parenting course presented by acclaimed type and parenting educator and coach, Sue Blair, in partnership with AusAPT. Learn strategies for parenting and meeting the needs of both parent and child through the lens of psychological type.

Dates & times: Four x 90 minute sessions each week in November, 2023.

Saturday 4, 11, 18 & 25 November 12 noon to 1:30pm AEST/Sydney time – see below for further details including time in other times zones.

Meeting the needs of parent and child – how is this possible?

AUSAPT is delighted to offer a 4-week program on parenting. Sue Blair will lead you through a fascinating exploration of how Type influences everyday distractions, dilemmas and dramas. How can everyone in a family get their needs met? What shifts can be made to facilitate a positive and rewarding family life? How can you set yourself up to succeed?

This is a valuable opportunity for a small group of parents who are united in wanting to do the best for their children.  There is so much that can be done to enhance the parenting experience and improve outcomes for the people we care about the most.

You will learn, laugh and leave enlightened!!!

Session Focus and Dates:

This course will be delivered over 4 online sessions on Saturdays in November, 2023 – each 90 minutes long.

All sessions are Saturday 12 noon AEDT Sydney/Melbourne. This is 11am Brisbane, 9am, Perth, 10am JT Tokyo, 2pm NZDT or check your local time for the the first session on 4 November, noting that in the US, Canada and other parts of the world, this will be the evening before or very early AM in the UK/Europe.

SessionFocusDate (AEDT)
1Meeting the needs of Extraverts and Introverts4 November
2Meeting the needs of Sensing and Intuiting11 November
3Meeting the needs of Thinking and Feeling18 November
4Putting it all together – understanding our stress triggers25 November

About Sue Blair

Personality and Parenting course with Sue Blair, pictured wearing a blue shirt and white jacket against a window.
Sue Blair

Sue has been working with psychological type for over 20 years and is well known to many at AusAPT. She is an author, coach, educator, presenter and keynote speaker. She has taught parenting skills for over 16 years and has been running individual workshops and coaching programmes for The Parenting Place in NZ.  Sue has raised two exceptionally different children, now young adults, who have taught her the extraordinary value of parenting with personality diversity at the forefront of the mind. She is committed to, (possibly obsessed by!) helping parents with children of all ages to embrace this knowledge and use it wisely.  

Sue is the recipient of the APTi 2015 Gordon Lawrence Award. This award recognises an outstanding achievement to the field of education that promotes the constructive use of psychological type. Sue is the Director at Personality Dynamics Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.


Sue’s Personality Dynamics Website

Personality Puzzles

Connect with Sue on LinkedIn

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