The Early Days of Psychological Type and AusAPT in Australia – Mary McGuiness

October 8, 2022 @ 4:15 pm 5:15 pm AEDT

An overview of the people, the events and the struggles that were part of the type community in the latter part of the last century. Listen to the stories of people who were there in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

You will hear about the pioneers that introduced Jung and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to the Australian community; the changes that came with the introduction of new instruments in the 1990s; historical events that conspired to spread type throughout the Australian community; the American influence on the type community in Australia; the Australian influence on the type community in America; the people and organisations that provided the training and accreditation of type professionals; the people/types that attended accreditation programs; the incorporation of the Australian Association for Psychological Type – the achievements and the struggles. What roles did different personality types play in the early history?

Mary McGuiness
Mary McGuiness

Mary McGuiness

Mary McGuiness ENFP has 30 years’ experience teaching personality theory and training professionals to use the MBTI instrument and MajorsPTI. Mary offers certification in the MajorsPTI and Step II and applications of type theory. She is Director of the Institute for Type Development, a national training organisation established in 1986. Mary served on the National Committee of AusAPT for 10 years, with two years as National President. She is author of several books and resources including the best-seller You’ve Got Personality.

This session is a keynote session at the Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference, 7-9 October online. It is one of 17 sessions presented over 3 days, all recorded in case you can’t attend live. It is $100AU for AusAPT members and other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for the entire program. We hope you will join us. The conference event link with full details is below.

Time & Tide—Traditions and Trends in Type conference

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$100 – $150 $100AU for AusAPT members, other APT and ILP financial members and $150 for guests for 17 sessions

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