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Submit your Session Proposal for AusAPT 2020 Thrive Conference

AusAPT 2020

We welcome your submission to present at the AusAPT 2020 Conference on 5-8 November in Auckland New Zealand due by 30 April. First up, we acknowledge the challenges of considering to present at a conference in these unprecedented times and offer the following advice.

About the Coronavirus and our conference planning

  • We are monitoring the current situation closely and considering the impacts of the Coronavirus in our planning for NZ 2020 as the situation changes.
  • Given the current uncertainties, the timeline for proposals due to us has moved to 30 April (originally 20 March)
  • This will give the AusAPT National and Conference Committees time to review the situation further then.
  • It also gives you more time to draft and submit a conference session proposal if you are interested in presenting.
  • We encourage you to submit a proposal. We know these are uncertain times but you have nothing to lose by submitting a proposal.
  • You’ll have indicated your expertise and staked a claim to attend and if the situation changes, the only cost to you is the time in creating and submitting the proposal.
  • If it’s not possible to go ahead with a face to face conference, an option is to work from information gathered from presenters to plan a virtual conference. So we would love to hear what you would like to offer us for our planning.

Some background information to help you:

  • Session proposal submissions are due by midnight 30 April AEDT (extended from 20 March given Coronavirus impacts)
  • All concurrent sessions will be 75 minutes.
  • The majority of the conference sessions will be in a conventional conference function room setting with audio-visual facilities. We also have the option for more informal, conversation-based sessions in a lounge setting.
  • We are planning two concurrent streams – professional and personal development. A third stream of mixed informal sessions in a more casual space may be an option. We have provided an option for you to indicate your preference for how you present.
  • Presenters are expected to attend and engage with the AusAPT and New Zealand type community. Presenter conference registration will be affordable, and not a barrier to participation.
  • No payment is provided for presenters, but a special presenter’s conference registration rate is available for presenters whose proposal is successful. (Likely to be NZ/AUD 400, approx USD250 for all presenters inclusive of main conference from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon including lunches and the conference dinner on Friday.)
  • We anticipate we will get a response back to you about your submission in the first week of May.
  • If we are making changes such as shifting to a virtual conference, we will be in touch with you about this as soon as we make that decision.

Session Proposal Guidelines

Here are the session proposal guidelines we will use to review proposals submitted:


  • Type relevant qualifications
  • Credible, prior experience presenting at Type or other conferences


  • Strong and relevant link to the conference theme, Thrive.
  • Clear application of Type, Temperament, C G Jung’s work or recognised associated interpretative models.


  • Engaged through interactive, facilitated and/or Sensate activity and experiences
  • Can access session slides, activities and materials to use and apply knowledge.

Session Proposal Submission

The session proposal form is below for online submission.

Please note that the information provided for the Presenter Bio (max 50 words) and the Session Description (max 100 words) will be used to promote the Conference and for the Conference Program. Please check your word count for these fields in Word or a similar application before submitting.

You are able to save your form and go back to complete it later. We will send you an email with the completed details following your submission for your records.

We look forward to receiving your Thrive: AusAPT in Auckland 2020 Session Proposal and thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at