Step-by-step AusAPT 2021 conference booking information + links

1. Register on our website if not already registered – so we can keep in touch with you about the conference and make sure you receive all the access links, recordings and resources via your unique profile. This is a ONCE ONLY STEP.

2. Log in to the website with your new or established log in. Click here to reset if you’ve forgotten your password.

3. Then let us know about your membership of APT and partner organisations so you can get the best deal:

AusAPT member: current, renewing or new

To book if you are or want to be an AusAPT member:

ILP reciprocal member

To book if you are a financial ILP member and want to become an AusAPT ILP reciprocal member:

APT reciprocal benefits

We recognise other financial APT members and offer the same booking price as AusAPT members.
If you are a current financial member of another APT, such as BAPT, APTI or AFTP:

Guest member:

If not a member, you are very welcome!

Get your handy 2-page PDF of the Conference Program here:

Check your local time zone here (noting we are ahead if you are in the US/UK/Europe, so the time may be the day before!)

Share about the conference:

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Any questions or issues?

Contact us by email if you have questions or have any trouble booking your place. We are happy to assist you.

We hope this helps and you will join us and have a fascinating and inspiring time Talking Type Together!

Warmest wishes
The AusAPT Conference Team

2021 Conference presenters

Feature image photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash