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New International Regional Representative on the AusAPT Management Committee

We wish to advise that Harumi Gondo has joined us as the International Regional Representative on the AusAPT Management Committee.

The vitality and future of AusAPT depends on the efforts of members including those who volunteer to be part of the Management Committee of AusAPT. So we are very grateful that Harumi has joined us to provide input on AusAPT strategic directions, member priorities and events, especially to advise on behalf of community members who live in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Harumi Gondo

Harumi Gondo (ENFJ) is an MBTI Master Practitioner and is also certified with Majors PTI and TypeCoach as well as the MMTIC (Murphy-Mesgeier Type Indicator for Children). She studied the cognitive functions and their archetypal influences with Bob McAlpine (also John Beebeā€™s workshop in Houston). Harumi created her own type certification program and has written a Japanese textbook on Type (with her team) and a Japanese workbook on the cognitive functions. She conducts type trainings at companies and organizations on teamwork and communication in Japanese and English.

Harumi presented a fabulous bilingual session, ‘Talking through the language of type’ in May this year with interactions between the Japanese TypeLAB community and AusAPT community, supported by local AusAPT community member, Fusae Harada.

Thank you for joining us as International Regional representative, Harumi, and we look forward to working with you.

Here is an update of the Management Committee. There are still a few positions available and we would love you to join us to help ensure a positive and exciting future for AusAPT and its members.

PresidentTerri Connellan
Vice PresidentKerry Gubb
TreasurerPhilip Kerr
NSW/ACT Regional RepresentativeEllen Owen
Victorian/Tasmanian Regional RepresentativeVacant
Queensland, WA, SA, NT Regional RepresentativeVacant
International Regional RepresentativeHarumi Gondo

We invite expressions of interest from current members in the available positions. These positions are for the current cycle of the committee which is until our 2022 AGM in the latter part of that year.

Please contact us at if interested. We are happy to chat with you about the roles and welcome your questions.

You can also read the Position Descriptions of each of the positions here:

All of the roles assist in building on the positive base established in recent times including repositioning AusAPT in an increasingly virtual environment, growing our membership and partnerships, adding further value for members and streamlining our operations.

The success of our 2020 online ‘Valuing Type in a Virtual World’ Conference demonstrates how AusAPT can reshape its practices and ways of working, invite connection and foster type learning nationally and globally.

We are hosting another exciting virtual event in 2021, celebrating 30 years of AusAPT and 100 years of Type at our Talking Type Together event, on 12 – 14 November. Join us!

So if you are passionate about type, enjoy working with a proactive team to make things happen in new environments, love to see people connect and talk at type events and want to see a positive future for AusAPT – we’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to working together with you to shape a bright and connected future for AusAPT!

Terri Connellan
President, on behalf of the Management Committee

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