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Flawless Facilitation – with Susan Nash

Susan Nash

Want to learn how to facilitate and manage the needs of diverse participants with skill?

Join us for Flawless Facilitation, a special one-day workshop expertly led by Susan Nash on Sunday 24 November, 9am – 5pm in Melbourne.

Susan has extensive experience of facilitation and especially catering for the needs of different personality types within a group. Over the past 27 years, Susan Nash has successfully introduced Type to a range of both large and small organizations. During this time, she has developed and refined a learning design and delivery methodology that seems to appeal to all Types.

This learning design methodology encapsulates:

  • Defining clearly the role of the Facilitator versus a Teacher
  • Understanding how the brain works when participants are learning.
  • Designing workshops and learning events that cater to these preferences, no matter what Type preferences you might share.
  • Balancing the “Task” element of learning (What the participants want to learn and we are trying to impart) with the “Group Process” element (which covers How we try to engage the audience in the learning journey. )
  • Facilitating for Involvement versus Presenting or Teaching.
  • Customising relevant activities that appeal to different learning styles.

Earlier this year, Susan released Flawless Facilitation, a unique publication that shares her methodology, detailed knowledge, skills and techniques to enable anyone to shine in front of a group.  To LEARN her methodology to Maximize Engagement and Retention for all, join Susan on 24 November at the Melbourne Workshop. 

Here’s an overview of the workshop:

Have you ever run a workshop that has not gone as planned and you wonder why?

In this unique one-day workshop you will learn relevant knowledge, core skills and innovative techniques to help ensure every session you facilitate “lands” successfully. The session will review neuroscience and learning, introduce an original course design methodology, and define in detail the specific activities and behaviors to apply to ensure all Types engage in the learning journey. In addition, you will learn how to motivate different types to learn and how to flex to different learning contexts.

You can download the objectives and agenda here:

In this video interview, Richard Owen from the British Association for Psychological Type interviews Susan Nash about her new book: “Flawless Facilitation”. It provides a taste of what can be learnt at a deeper level in the Melbourne workshop. There are some hints and tips on how to better engage all the different personalities in a group. Our thanks to BAPT for sharing this interview.

You can find out about the book, Flawless Facilitation HERE.

We hope you will join us in Melbourne to experience and learn about Flawless Facilitation.

About Susan Nash

Your presenter Susan Nash has been working with psychological type for over 25 years and is the author of eleven books including the recently released Flawless Facilitation. Many of her books specialize in psychological type including Fundamentals of Whole Type (2015). Type Trilogy Card Set and Guidebook (2013) Contextual Coaching (2011) and Let’s Split the Difference (2009).  She works globally running type workshops, is founder of the Type Academy and was winner of the APTi Presidents’ Award in 2017.

What people have said about the book: Flawless Facilitation

“If you want to stand in front of any audience with complete confidence that you will win them over, Flawless Facilitation is a must-read. Designed for anyone who works with groups, Nash has broken down the essential components of facilitation into an accessible and easy-to-use system. Readers will leave with a complete playbook for mastering the art of facilitation – including techniques to reach every personality in the audience.” Rob Toomey TypeCoach