FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Shop work?

Our shop is like a supermarket. However, as this is also a Membership website, you need to be Registered (once only), and you must please Login to use the shop and get the most from our website facilities.
No one begins shopping with items already in their shopping cart, so make sure you have an empty cart prior to starting – you can empty your cart here (see red arrow below)!
Remove An Item from the Cart
Just as in the supermarket, simply add products to your cart (the shopping cart), proceed to checkout and purchase them.
In our shop “the aisles” are called Categories, which most often have Sub-categories (the shelves) and these have products.
So to navigate our shop, look for a Category of the product you wish to purchase, click on it and the available subcategories or products will display.
Sometimes our products are for certain memberships only (eg the National Conference for Standard Membership is only available to AusAPT Standard Membership). You need to already be a Member (eg AusAPT Standard Membership) to purchase the Conference product, as the Membership provides you access rights to purchase it. So please buy it in order – purchase the membership that suits you first, then purchase the products that the Membership provides you access to.
warning: if you don’t see add to cart for the product, you do not have the right membership for it.

How do I reset my password?

There are two different scenarios.
The First scenarios is where you are already logged in, however wish to change it. Support for this scenario can be found directly under the Help menu.
The second scenario is where you are not logged in and have forgotten your password. In this case choose the menu to Login and at the bottom of this presented you’ll see a link next to Forgot Password. Press this, enter your email and submit and the system will send a new password to your email.

What is Registration and how often do I have to do it?

Registration is the process of creating your identity and credentials to use the website. It is a once-only Registration process which you can follow by heading to the Register page. Once registered you will receive a unique password to enable your login to the site and to manage the payments required for membership or our conference as well as to access materials reserved for members.

What are the benefits of becoming an AusAPT member?

We have a whole page dedicated to answering this question. Click Here to read.

How do I become a member?

It is an easy process. You need to be registered (see above). Login and simply go to the Shop and purchase the appropriate membership type for you. It is an annual membership that finishes on 30th June each year.

How do I see what membership I have?

You need to be registered (see above). Login and simply go to see your membership type on the My Account page.

How do I renew my membership?

If you have already registered on the website, Login and simply go to the Shop and purchase the appropriate membership type for you.

What membership types are there?

AusAPT offers six membership products to cater to our diverse member segments. The first five types may be purchased and the Life Membership is not as it is earned.
– Standard Membership is the usual membership for the majority of our members
– Senior Membership is those retired from full-time work or aged 65 and over
– Partner Membership is for current financial members of a Personality Type partner organisation. eg APT International, British APT
– ILP Reciprocal Membership is for those who are current financial members of ILP (Institute for Learning Professionals Australasia)
– Student Membership is for those studying a full-time undergraduate course or higher
– AusAPT Life Membership – This membership is earned and cannot be purchased.
All categories of membership (with the exception of Life Members, APT Partners and ILP Members) require an annual fee of $99.00 AUD. If you want to know more about the benefits of AusAPT membership, head over here.

Does AusAPT have a Mailing List? How do I subscribe or unsubscribe?

Yes! You can subscribe to AusAPT’s Mailing List when you register or afterwards via the email you receive. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of the Mailing List email.