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Talking through the language of type: with Harumi Gondo and the Japanese TypeLAB community

May 16, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Harumi Gondo, MBTI Master Practitioner and Founder of 16 Type & TypeLAB, joins us from Tokyo along with members of the Japanese TypeLAB community for an interactive conversation about type in Japan and type and cultural differences. Online, free and open to all.

About Harumi Gondo and the Japanese TypeLAB community

Harumi Gondo

Harumi Gondo is in her third (and possibly final?) career. After finding herself alone and without a community in Japan, she went to the US to get certified in MBTI. She began inviting moms in her daughter’s kindergarten to learn about Type. It has since been 8 years and she is in the midst of creating a growth-oriented community of mothers, who all live within 20-30 minute biking distance of each other, who are learning and teaching Type. Last year alone TypeLAB ran around 335 events for mothers.

Harumi is a MBTI Master Practitioner and is also certified with Majors PTI and TypeCoach as well as the MMTIC (Murphy-Mesgeier Type Indicator for Children). She studied the cognitive functions and their archetypal influences with Bob McAlpine (also John Beebe’s workshop in Houston). Harumi created her own type certification program and has written a Japanese textbook on Type (with her team) and a Japanese workbook on the cognitive functions. She conducts type trainings at companies and organizations on teamwork and communication in Japanese and English.

As an ENFJ she has worked (so hard!!!) to create a good marriage with her ISTP husband and loves her 12-year-old INFP and 9-year-old ESTP daughters, who are also learning Type and functions! Her ESTP daughter recently came home from a Kids Type session declaring, “I realized I need to think about people’s feelings more but I also think Feelers need to over-exaggerate when they are not happy.”

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