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AusAPT 2019 pre-conference and post-conference workshops

AusAPT workshops

At the AusAPT 2019 National Conference, we have a fabulous range of pre and post-conference workshops presented by local and international type luminaries on 21 and 24 November.

Going deeper with type knowledge, skill and experience, the workshops cover facilitation, coaching for focus, using interaction styles, Jung and yoga, working with our opposites and the games different types play. We are extremely fortunate to have such skilled and experienced type practitioners, presenters, researchers and authors coming to Melbourne to share their deep knowledge with us via these practical workshops.

So take advantage of this opportunity! You can access all the details here:

Here is a snapshot summary:

Thursday 21 November:

  • Coaching Clients for Focus in the Digital Age – with Jane Kise (9:00am – 12:30pm)
  • Priming the Alchemy of Opposites – with Dario Nardi (1:00-4:30pm)
  • Games Personalities Play – with Mary McGuiness (1:00-4:30pm)

Sunday 24 November

  • Flawless Facilitation – with Susan Nash (9:00am -5:00pm)
  • Tips and Tools for Using Interaction Styles – with Catherine Stothart (9:00am-12:30pm)
  • Jung and Yoga – with Dario Nardi and Daya Prakash Kaur (9:00am-12:30pm)

Numbers are limited for each workshop so don’t delay booking your place. We anticipate that these workshops are likely to fill quickly!

A few points to note:

  • Workshops are standalone: You don’t need to attend the conference to attend the workshops; they are standalone. But we’d love to see you also at the conference! Further details on the Going Deeper program for the conference are here.
  • You need to register on the website first: To attend the workshops (and conference), you need to first register on the website. This first step is a once-only registration process via the Register page. This saves you having to re-enter details and helps us build and better manage a new database. Current Financial AusAPT Members need to register too. You might like to do that first if you haven’t already. You can choose to opt-in to our mailing list as well.
  • Become a member for discounts + benefits: There are many benefits of being an AusAPT member for just $99 including a $50 discount for each workshop and $100 discount for the conference. Find out why you should join AusAPT here. Members of APTi, BAPT and ILP are eligible for reciprocal membership for $0. You can become an AusAPT member and register for AusAPT as a reciprocal member here but first register on the website as above.

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne in November at the AusAPT 2019 Conference workshops for a deeper dive into type!