About the Type Research and Practice Collection

The Type Research and Practice Collection provides information to Type users, researchers and those simply interested, from a library and archive of digitised and hard-copy material gathered over many years. It was formerly associated with Deakin University as the Psychological Type Research Unit (PTRU), and is an amalgamation of the PTRU archive and a privately developed library.

The Collection provides information and insight on ideas and practice surrounding psychological or personality type and related subjects such as personality in general, measurement, science, sociology, culture and society. 

It includes:

  • complete sets of Australian and American type publications as well as journal, magazine, newspaper and online articles, an archive of Australian type research and a substantial collection of type-related books, booklets, and Jungian publications.
  • a digitised collection of thousands of articles and presentations including audio and video of Isabel Briggs Myers and others, as well as Myers’ written work. 
  • Conference proceedings from AusAPT and APTi events as well as on Type and culture, leadership and mind, body and spirit

Peter Geyer looks after The Collection, conducts research and provides advice on request. A former MBTI® and Majors™ accrediter, Peter has written and presented on type for 30 years and the spokesperson for Research and Theory for the Association for Psychological Type (international) from 2006-2010. Initial contact is via email: peter@petergeyer.com.au.