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2019 Conference Resources LIVE + 50% off Membership opportunity for 2019/20

conference resources

Go deeper with type through the rich video and presentation resources created by our 2019 Conference presenters.

Our 2019 AusAPT Conference in Melbourne in late November was an opportunity to go deeper into psychological type and connect with a friendly community of type practitioners, researchers and writers. It was a great success – enriching, informative and enjoyable.

The presenter resources – videos of presentations, presentation notes and handouts – from the Conference are now LIVE on the AusAPT website for the information of conference participants and current AusAPT members.

Our sincere thanks to the presenters for generously sharing their learning and these resources. Thanks also to Brian Walsh from Kailash Studios and support team for filming and editing the videos.

What resource are available?

There are 7 hours of rich video content with the following videos available:

  • Dario Nardi ‘Priming the Alchemy of Opposites’ (pre-conference workshop)
  • Dario Nardi: ‘Brains, Type and Teams’
  • Peter Malone: ‘Can I use movies to explore Type?’
  • Sterling Bates: ‘Going into best fit’
  • Mary McGuiness: ‘Transformation at midlife.’
  • Ian Ball: ‘Beebe’s Archetype Model Revisited’
  • Catherine Stothart: ‘Closing the influence gap’
  • Terri Connellan: ‘Type and Transition’
  • plus the entertaining Types of Talent/Talent Show

There are also presentation notes and handouts from most of the presentations at the conference.

To access the resources:

In line with our priority to deliver value for our members and conference attendees, you need to be a current AusAPT member or 2019 conference participant to be able to access the resources.

If you are a current member or conference participant, the resources are all there loaded for you with further resources including videos from the conference to come soon.

Just head over here:

To access, make sure you are registered and logged in to the website.

Your registration on the AusAPT website helps us to identify you as an AusAPT Member and/or conference participant and enables your access to the resources.

We hope these resources help you to go deeper into psychological type.

To become an AusAPT member and access the resources + other benefits

We welcome you to join AusAPT as a member to be able to access ongoing Member Only resources and benefits.

You can find out the benefits of becoming a member here:

Our membership commences from June each year. Given we are already over 50% of the way through the membership year and to help you to access the resources as a member, for a short time only you can access a special CONF19 code to be able to get 50% off the usual $99.00 Member’s price. 

You can become an AusAPT member here:

Just use the CONF19 code at the checkout to receive 50% off the membership rate. This code is available until 31 March only and applies to the 2019/20 Membership year only which finishes in June.

We hope you find value in exploring these resources and sharing the learning further at state and local levels. 

AusAPT 2020 in New Zealand:

Plans are already well underway for the next conference in New Zealand in November 2020 in partnership with the New Zealand type community and we hope to see you there! The theme is ‘THRIVE’!