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If you are interested in exploring more about psychological type and personality, especially from a Jung/Myers-Briggs perspective, AusAPT is the perfect way to learn with others locally and globally. Learn more about the many applications, dimensions and ethical uses of type and make valuable connections to enrich your type insights.

Our next in-person conference is 25-26 October, 2024 in Sydney on the theme of ‘The Heart of Personality Type’. You can find out more via the QR code or by clicking the box below. We hope you will join us.

Learn more about Psychological Type and its many practical uses for the workplace and personal life in a highly skilled and welcoming national and international community.


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Read about last year’s AusAPT Conference in Brisbane, From Shadows to Showtime and what it is like being part of the AusAPT community.

We also recently co-hosted Type in Tokyo, 2024: Encounters through the lens of type in Japan with Harumi Gondo’s TypeLAB.

It was a fabulous event – bilingual, with all 16 types represented, multi-generations and people from many countries. We love talking type! It’s a bridge across and between cultures and communities, a way of connecting and understanding similarities and differences.

We welcome you to join our community and learn more about psychological type and personality.

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